Civil Asset Forfeiture

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Have you experienced a civil asset forfeiture by law enforcement? It may seem unfair, but in the State of South Carolina, law enforcement is entitled to seize your cash and other assets if it can be connected with the sale of unlawful drugs. Snow & Woods, Attorneys at Law, LLC understands the intricacies of South Carolina civil asset forfeiture and can fight on your behalf to protect your belongings being wrongfully seized. Contact us now to speak to a Georgetown civil asset forfeiture attorney for a free, no-obligation consultation about your individual circumstances.

What is Civil Asset Forfeiture in South Carolina?

Civil asset forfeiture occurs when a law enforcement agency confiscates property they suspect has been used for, or is a result of, criminal activity. If your home or personal property is seized through civil asset forfeiture, it can be expensive and time-consuming to get it back. This is because you must prove that it was not used for, or acquired, through illegal activity. Unfortunately, most civil asset forfeiture seizures go unchallenged, either because the owner isn’t aware of their legal rights, or aren’t sure how to assert them. If your property has been seized via civil asset forfeiture, speak to a Georgetown civil asset forfeiture lawyer today. We can help you navigate the complicated legal process of reclaiming your property, and getting back what is rightfully yours.

Facing civil asset forfeiture in South Carolina is a stressful experience, and the financial consequences can be devastating to you and your loved ones. Understanding the legal complexities of the judicial system can be overwhelming, but Snow & Woods, Attorneys at Law, LLC has represented many clients throughout the State of North Carolina and South Carolina and can advise you on the best procedure for your case.

Civil asset forfeiture should be taken seriously. If you are facing having your assets seized in Georgetown, SC or elsewhere, you must understand your legal rights and retain an experienced Georgetown civil asset forfeiture lawyer.

What are the Common Reasons for Civil Asset Forfeiture in South Carolina?

Common reasons for civil asset forfeiture include:

  • Contraband, such as illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia;
  • Proceeds related to unlawful activity, such as cash received for the illegal sale of drugs;
  • Property or tools used in the commission of a crime, such as a car or a house

Unfortunately, law enforcement doesn’t always get it right, and situations often arise where the money is seized, even if no relationship to drugs or illegal activity can be proven. In the United States, you have a constitutional right to due process, and you must exercise this right. Do not let the fear of the justice system prevent you from protecting your loved ones and your assets.

We have helped hundreds of clients throughout the Carolinas protect what is theirs. If you are a victim of civil asset forfeiture contact one of our Georgetown criminal defense attorneys now for a free consultation.

Snow & Woods, Attorneys at Law, LLC, are knowledgeable and experienced Georgetown criminal defense attorneys, and we are ready to protect your legal rights. While the statutes for Civil Asset forfeiture are broad, there are procedures that all law enforcement officials must follow to keep the money or property that they seize.

Our Georgetown civil asset forfeiture law firm has helped hundreds of people achieve favorable outcomes in their legal fight. We are dedicated Georgetown criminal defense attorneys who go above and beyond for our clients and are 100% committed to providing you with the best defense strategies and advice.

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